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Provisioning an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) instance

Enterprises can leverage Oracle Analytics Cloud to enable them to be data-driven. This post will go into detail about the steps to provision an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) instance and the prerequisites to keep in mind before starting.


Before you provision an instance, here are a few things to check-

  • Create a compartment where your instance and all your future workloads will sit. This will ensure that your resources are logically separated from other users in the same tenancy.
  • Which version of Analytics Cloud suits your needs- Standard or Enterprise.

Now we are ready to provision our first-ever OAC instance.

Steps to create the OAC instance

The following are the steps to provision an OAC instance.

  1. Log into your Oracle cloud account
  1. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and choose Analytics and AI. Under Analytics choose Analytics Cloud as shown in the following screenshot:
  1. Click on Create Instance button as shown in the following screenshot:
  1. Provide a Name and Description (optional) for your instance. Also, select the compartment in which the instance will be created and the Feature Set of the service.
  1. Next, select the capacity. You can choose based on how many OCPU (Oracle CPU) cores you require or based on the number of users that will access the Analytics Cloud instance.
  1. Choose which license type is applicable to you. If your enterprise already has a middleware software license then the same can be migrated to the cloud, based on certain restrictions. Otherwise, users can opt for the License Included option. For the purpose of this demo choose the latter option.
  2. Finally, click on create

  1. OAC instance will be in provisioning mode and after a few minutes, the instance will be created.

This instance now can be used to explore more features of OAC and see its capabilities in action.

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