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Explore Oracle Vision Service

Every industry invests its resources to find ML use cases to ease operations. Oracle Vision service is one such AI service. Oracle Vision is built for performing visual analysis at scale. Using the pre-trained models of vision services, use cases pertaining to image classification, object detection, and document extraction can be done by clicking a button. For industry-specific use cases, custom vision models can also be created.

This article will provide an introduction to the Vision service and explore the various models that are available.

Pre-trained Model in Vision Service

Below are some services that have a pre-trained model created which can be used instantly-

  • Image classification- classifying images based on single or multiple labels. Quickly identify objects present in images and get labels for the content of the image. It also extracts text from images in a word-by-word and line-by-line format.


  • Object detection- creates bounding boxes around objects detected in images and assigns labels to them. It also extracts text from images in a word-by-word and line-by-line format.


  • Document AI- Classifies documents based on the information it provides such as invoices, passports, bank statements, etc. ¬†Extraction of data happens in word, line, and key-value pairs. It can also detect any tables present in the document

Use Cases

Some use cases in which Vision service can be useful are-

  • Parking occupancy detection
  • Automated data entry from documents
  • Visual data analytics

Custom Models

Specifically formatted data and unique object detection are some use cases in which the pre-trained models can produce undesirable accuracy and confidence scores. To produce a model that meets industry grade scores training a model from scratch can be useful. Oracle Vision lets you create a custom data set, assign labels to it and train and test your model.

Two types of custom models can be generated-

  • Image Classification
  • Object Detection


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