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Secure files PGP (Part-2-Decryption): Oracle Integration Cloud

This is the second part of transferring the secured file over SFTP in Oracle Integration Cloud. In the previous blog, we showcased how to create encrypted files using Pretty Good…

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Securing files using PGP encryption (Part-1-Encryption): OIC

Security is one of the aspect when we are dealing with Cloud platform. Specially when we are transfering files over the public SFTP from cloud paltform. OIC allows securing files…

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How to create ZIP file in Oracle Integration Cloud

Are you keen to know how to create Zip file in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? Zip file creation is one of the key aspect of ERP based related integration.  …

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List files from FTP reside in multiple directories: OIC

The FTP Adapter enables the integration of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and the Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) into Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Using the FTP Adapter,…

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Integration between FTP – Sharepoint (Upload documents): Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we’ll show how to pull the file from the FTP location and upload to the SharePoint repository. To complete this article we should have followings: Sharepoint REST…

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Copy files from one SFTP to another SFTP: Oracle Integration Cloud Services

There are scenarios where we want to copy files from one SFTP location to another in Oracle Integration Cloud with the help of FTP adapter. In this article, we’ll try…

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Read CSV file with Delimiters other than specified in the FTP adapter: Oracle Integration Cloud

In one of my article, we showcased how to read CSV file using FTP adapter which is comma separated. Integration Cloud FTP adapter allows below delimiters file to be processed…

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Poll File from Agent server leveraging File Adapter: Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud provides a File adapter to deal with the files which reside on the local server. File adapter allows following operations on an on-premise location, using Integration Cloud connectivity…

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Difference between File and FTP adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

There are two inbuilt adapters offered by Oracle Integration Cloud. One is File and another one is FTP. Users often confused when to use File and when to use FTP…

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Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud (AIC): Read ZIP files using FTP adapter and load data into on-premise application

We all know the capabilities of Oracle Integration Cloud FTP adapter of reading and writing files. There are situations where the files are in the zip format and required to read…

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