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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter in OIC

The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter enables you to integrate the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database with Oracle Integration through use of direct connectivity. Use the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing…

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Oracle Integration Cloud Navigation Walkthrough

Oracle Integration Cloud Navigation Walkthough video will help you to understand the different screen provided by OIC. This post might be interested for all who is just jumping into the…

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Dependent/Cascading List Of Values (LOV) in VBCS

This article shows how to create a Dependent/Cascading List Of Values (LOV) in VBCS. When you have a drop-down whose values depend on another drop-down then, in this case, you…

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Oracle Integration Cloud Patterns: OIC

Oracle Integration Cloud is a cloud offering by Oracle that simplifies the development of cloud and on-premises integrations. The integration development and operational life cycle is managed using a web…

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How to call OIC REST API in VBCS (VBCS -> OIC)

In this article, I’m going to show a beautiful use case which I encounter in my project. In this article, I’ll show how to call OIC REST service from VBCS.…

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Features Flag in Oracle Integration Cloud

This article will explain features flag in Oracle Integration Cloud Oracle Integration Cloud allows enabling specific functionality to the specific OIC instance as required which is called feature flag model.…

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Call External REST API: Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we’ll show how to call External REST API in Oracle Integration Cloud using the REST Adapter. Consider we need to consume the third party application REST API…

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How to invoke an Integration from another Integration: Oracle Integration Cloud

In this blog, we are going to showcase how to call an existing integration from another integration without creating a separate connection. This feature is available in the OIC version 18.3.1…

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Subscribe EBS Business Event in Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite provides various business events for use in integrations. To leverage the business event and event subscription features, you can configure the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter with business…

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Secure files PGP (Part-2-Decryption): Oracle Integration Cloud

This is the second part of transferring the secured file over SFTP in Oracle Integration Cloud. In the previous blog, we showcased how to create encrypted files using Pretty Good…

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Oracle Integration Cloud & VBCS

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Process Cloud Service

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