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Split Join in Oracle Service Bus 12c

The split join is very useful tool in Oracle Service Bus to process message in parallel. Split join is useful to reduce the response time as it process the message…

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Customize Oracle Service Bus environment values

It is always required to change environment specific values when we move our code from one environment to different environment. For example: we are moving our code from development environment…

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Caching in OSB 12c

OSB allows us to cache Business Service Response for a given request.  OSB uses the Coherence to support caching. Caching increases the application performance if we configure it in the…

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Disable OSB services(Proxy or Business)

Sometime it is required to disable OSB services(Proxy or Business). This can be done using enterprise manager(em) console. Just follow the simple steps to disable the services. 1) Login into…

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Convert binary(Non XML) data to XML data in OSB using MFL

In OSB, we can use Message Format Language(MFL) to transform binary data to XML and vice versa. We use format builder to create mfl files and can’t create mfl files…

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Java callout in OSB

Sometimes Oracle Service Bus is not sufficient to meet our requirements. To do so OSB provides Java Callout activity that is used to call java code from OSB. In this blog,…

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Hostname verification failed:

Sometimes we may struggle with the  Hostname verification failed: exception when we deal with the host that is not verified by our network. If the application is deployed on Weblogic,…

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Consume Secure SOAP service in OSB

In this blog, we will call a secured webservice by adding an OWSM client policy to a business service. For this we will create a Business service that will use…

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Business Service VS Proxy Service in OSB

It’s very confusing for the OSB learner, the difference between Business Service and Proxy Service. Let me help you to understand the exact difference between them. Proxy ServiceIt is a…

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For each action in Oracle Service BUS 12c

In Oracle Service Bus 12c you can use the for-each action to iterate multiple elements in your payload. I want this post to show you how we can use for…

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