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Apply SSL certificate on API CS physical Gateway node

High level steps to configure SSL in API CS physical Gateway Create Java KeyStore (JKS) and generate key Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Send the CSR file to CA…

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SSL Certificate in WebLogic Server 8 – 12x

The default WebLogic Server installation uses a demo certificate to support SSL. Oracle recommends installing a certificate from a well-known third party to strengthen the security of the environment. Below…

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Increasing the Java Heap size for a Admin Server & managed server in Weblogic

For better performance, we may need to increase the heap size for each Managed Server in our environment. As per performance tuning guidelines it is good practice to start Admin…

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Oracle Weblogic Server installation

This blog provides instructions for installing and running the Oracle installer for Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3. Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3 supports Oracle JDK 1.7.0_55+ version. Oracle JDK can be downloaded from the…

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JMS queue in weblogic server 12c

This example shows the steps to create a simple JMS queue  in Weblogic server  12c. Let’s have a look on the JMS resources with definition: JMS Server A JMS server…

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Hostname verification failed:

Sometimes we may struggle with the  Hostname verification failed: exception when we deal with the host that is not verified by our network. If the application is deployed on Weblogic,…

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