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Handle special character in Oracle ICS

Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides a header that enables us to handle special character during sending request to any service.For instance:

Let’s suppose we are calling Web Service that takes input in request parameter. It might be possible, special character may come in request parameter and we want to pass these special character as it is in the request parameter.

So to handle such type of request, Integration Cloud Service provides an useful custom header name x-ics-use-x-www-form-urlencoded that will help us to handle special character.

Simply add a customer header called x-ics-use-x-www-form-urlencoded and assign the value of this header as false.


Set the value of x-ics-use-x-www-form-urlencoded to false in mapper.


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  1. Anonymous
    added on 19 Aug, 2018

    Hi Ankur ,

    Thanks for this post but looks like image is not clear . Also I am trying to use the in BI report call webservice but did not find a place to set value as false

  2. added on 20 Aug, 2018


    Let me know which image is not clear, Will download for you and send it over the email.

    We have created a REST service in blog in which we have created a request custom header "x-ics-use-x-www-form-urlencoded" and set the value as "false".


  3. added on 6 Mar, 2019

    Hi Ankur,

    I am getting a report output in which some records have special characters I am performing a DB insert operation in AIC. I am unable to insert the Special character data.

    • Unkown
      added on 10 Sep, 2019

      Did you resolve the issue?

      • Ankur Jain
        added on 10 Sep, 2019

        What issue are you getting and what all special character is coming in Data ?

  4. added on 31 May, 2019

    Is this property is applicable for both REST and SOAP type of web services

  5. added on 18 Jul, 2019

    Thanks for sharingcustom erp solutions

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