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Oracle Integration Cloud Service Lookups

We use lookups in the integrations to create reusable tables that map the different terms used to describe the same item across your applications. Lookups are exact same as Data Value Map(DVM) in SOAA lookup associates values used by one application for a specific item to the values used by other applications for the same item. For example, one application uses a specific set of codes to describe countries, while another application uses a different set of codes to describe the same countries.

Lookups can be used for items such as mapping gender codes, nationality codes, currency codes—any type of information that our applications must share with each other but that they represent differently. We may have several lookups for one integration, depending on the number of fields that require mapping. Lookups are also reusable and can be used by multiple integrations. Lookups are based on a static definition, meaning we create and populate them during design time, and are not changed by runtime activities. These tables are used for looking up values only.

Lookup Function:

OIC provides a lookupValue function that we can use to call in mapper to specify when to reference a lookup table. We use this function to lookup values at run time based on the data coming as part of the response. This way, our integration knows how to map data coming in from one application to data being sent to another application.

In the next blog, you will learn how to use lookups in integration.

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