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Federation between OKTA and Oracle Identity Cloud

By setting up a federation between OKTA and Oracle Identity Cloud Service, we enable user’s access to applications in Oracle Identity Cloud Service using user credentials that are authenticated by OKTA.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service provides integration with Identity Providers(IDPs) which support the SAML protocol.

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Pre-requisites to enable federation
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service access to manage IdPs (Identity Domain Administrator or Security Administrator).
  • Okta instance.
  • Users synchronized between an Okta domain and Oracle Identity Cloud Service

By enabling federation we can allow both types of users(Employee and Contractor) to login to Oracle Identity Cloud.

High-Level Steps
  • Configure OKTA as IDP
  • Configure IDCS as a Service Provider
  • Assign OKTA Idp to and Idp policy
  • Test the federation

See the complete video to understand the complete steps

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