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Create a fixed-length file in Oracle Integration

Are you struggling to create a fixed-length file in Oracle Integration and not able to find the step-by-step process on this, so this is the article that helps you to achieve your requirement.

Let’s first understand what is fixed-length file.

What is a fixed-length file?

Fixed length files have a constant length for each field and record.

For example, if you have data in a text file where the first column always has exactly 8 characters, and the second column has exactly 5, the third has exactly 12 (and so on), this would be categorized as a fixed-width text file.

To create a fixed file, you must create the XML Schema Definition (XSD) file that allows creating a fixed-length file. In this example, I’m using the below XSD schema to create the fixed-length file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:nxsd="http://xmlns.oracle.com/pcbpel/nxsd" xmlns:tns="http://www.oracle.com/FTPAdapter" targetNamespace="http://www.oracle.com/FTPAdapter" elementFormDefault="qualified" attributeFormDefault="unqualified" nxsd:version="NXSD" nxsd:stream="chars" nxsd:encoding="US-ASCII">
   <xsd:element name="Employees">
         <xsd:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" nxsd:choiceCondition="fixedLength" nxsd:length="0">
            <xsd:element name="Employee" nxsd:style="array" nxsd:cellSeparatedBy="${eol}" nxsd:conditionValue="">
                     <xsd:element name="FirstName" type="xsd:string" nxsd:style="fixedLength" nxsd:length="8" nxsd:padStyle="tail" />
                     <xsd:element name="LastName" type="xsd:string" nxsd:style="fixedLength" nxsd:length="4" nxsd:padStyle="tail" />
                     <xsd:element name="Department" type="xsd:string" nxsd:style="fixedLength" nxsd:length="4" nxsd:padStyle="tail" />

Focus on the bold elements in the XSD file that actually allows the creation of the fixed-length data in a column.

To keep short, please view the complete video that shows a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a fixed-length file in Oracle Integration.

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