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Call VB Business Objects from Oracle Integration

We often get a requirement to synchronize the data from source to Visual Builder application in a real-time or scheduled fashion. There may be various scenarios to synchronize the data from the source applications to VB Business Objects as mentioned below:

  • Synchroize master data from SaaS to VB application
  • As an when some update happens to an application we need to bring it to the VB application

These are just a few examples but there may be more.

As you may know, when you create a custom business object, a REST API is automatically created for you, with GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE endpoints

These REST APIs can be called from outside Visual Builder very easily using the provided endpoint details.

So, we can leverage the same Busines Object REST APIs to synchronize the data from source to Visual Builder application.

To meet this requirement, I have captured a short video that will help to understand how to call Visual Builder Business Object REST APIs to insert the data into Business Object.

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Click on the below link and watch the complete video:

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