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Push records in batches to target service in Oracle Integration

There are various situations where you need to push records in batches to the target service due to the target service limitation.

Considering we need to develop the integration in Oracle Integration, which pulls the records from the database and pushes those records to the target services in batches of 10 records.

You might be thinking we can use Stage File action to read the data in chunks but then you can’t change the limit of 200 while you use File read in chunks operation.

In this case, you have to build a custom solution so here we are.

In this solution, we are going to use the following adapter and actions of Oracle Integration:

  • Rest adapter
  • Global Variables
  • Assign
  • Switch
  • For Each
  • Data Stitch with Append operation
  • Mapper

To build this custom solution, I have captured an end-to-end video that will help you to achieve the same. Click on the below video and watch it completely:

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