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Extract data from images using OCI vision service in Oracle Integration

OCI Vision is a serverless, cloud-native service that provides deep learning-based, prebuilt, and custom computer vision models over REST APIs. OCI Vision helps you to:

  • Identify and locate objects
  • Identify tables
  • Extract text
  • Identify Document types
  • Extract key-value pairs from document

No data science experience is required to use the prebuilt or custom features of OCI Vision.

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate how to extract the text from Aadhar Card using the OCI Vision service using Oracle Integration and exposed the Aadhar Card data in a REST response. Further, a VBCS application was created that will allow to upload Aadhar Card, call the Integration, pass the Aadhar Card image, and show the extracted data on the web page as shown in the following snapshot:


  • OCI Vision REST API. Click here to know the API endpoints
  • OCI Vision Analyze API. POST /20220125/actions/analyzeImage
  • Sihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta4TiNAATzcgning Key is required to create the connection in Oracle Integration
  • Oracle Integration access

To demonstrate an end-to-end scenario, I have created a nice and short video that will help you to understand all the required steps. Click on the below video to watch:

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