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What, Why, and How (WWH) of Visual Builder

As you all might know my first book on VB has been released that will help you to learn VB in-depth with a lot of various examples. To give a…

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See how OIC integrations are behaving at runtime

One of the most inevitable tasks for administrators and developers to monitor the Integrations and see how OIC integrations are behaving in runtime. It’s really important to check the health…

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HCM Data loader in Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration Cloud leverages HCM adapter to load data into HCM via the Data loader option. HCM Data Loader is a powerful tool for bulk-loading and maintaining data. The data…

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Global Variables and Data Stitch in Oracle Integration

This article covers the two most important features which Oracle announced recently. One of the features allows us to create Global Variables that are available throughout the integration. The feature…

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30+ Tricky Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions with answers

Looking for an Oracle Integration Cloud job and struggling to find out Oracle Integration Cloud Interview Questions with answers, here is the article which can help you to clear your interview…

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How to create a DataSource in WebLogic Server 11g console.

In this post you will learn how to create a Datasource in the Weblogic server 11g console. To achieve this follow below steps: 1.  Login to Weblogic server console using http://<hostname>:<port>/console2.…

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Map Interface in Java

import java.util.HashMap;import java.util.Iterator;import java.util.Map;import java.util.Map.Entry;import java.util.Set; public class MapImplementation {    public MapImplementation() {        super();    }        public static void main(String args[]){        Map<Integer,String> map = new HashMap<Integer,String>();                // Addition of…

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