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Actions/Activities in Oracle Integration Cloud

This blog is very interesting and describes what all Actions/Activities are available in Oracle ICS. 

Oracle ICS provides lots of Actions in Integration that we can add in our Integrations to make it flexible.

We have Oracle ICS with versions as of now. I’m mentioning this because some Actions can be added/updated in the future release of ICS versions.

Following screenshot depicts all available Actions in Oracle ICS version

Let’s describe all the Actions one by one:

  • Assign: Enables us to assign variables in Integrations.
  • Function Call: Enables us to call javascript functions in Integrations.
  • Logger: Enables us to put the logger in between of the integration to print some variables values in logs.
  • Map: Allows us to add some ad-hoc maps in Integrations.
  • Notification: Allows us to enable email notification in Integrations.
  • Scope: Enables you to manage a collection of child actions and invokes that can have their own fault handlers.
  • Stage File: Enables us to read/writes files in scheduled integration at some temporary location in ICS.
  • Switch: Enable us to add switch activity for defining routing expression branches in Integrations.
  • For Each: Enables you to loop over a repeating element and execute one or more actions within the scope of the for-each action. This blog shows, how to use For Each action.
  • While: Enables you to loop over actions or invoke connections as long as a specific condition is met.
  • Raise Error: Enables you to send failed messages to the error hospital for further analysis.
  • Fault Return: Enables you to return a faut

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