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Recover unsaved changes in Oracle Integration

Whenever you develop any integration you need to save your integration time to time not to lose your work if any issue occurs such as a browser crash, network-related issue, and so on. Oracle Integration doesn’t provide the autosave feature. If something goes and the browser shuts down then your unsaved changes will be lost. So, in order to save your work Oracle has introduced a new feature to recover unsaved changes in Oracle Integration since the version.

So you can recover unsaved design-time changes of the integration that could not be saved due to:

  • Browser crash
  • Loss of Network
  • OIC issue
  • OIC server going down

What is recoverable and what’s not

What is recoverable and what’s not

Who can recover the changes?

Only the developer who has modified the integration in the last.

Check the below YouTube video, where I have described how to recover unsaved changes in Oracle Integration.

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