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Build retry logic in Oracle Integration

Build retry logic in Oracle Integration

Generally, we have a requirement where we need to execute a task n number of times, especially in the exceptions scenarios. For example: If you are calling an external service and that service is not reachable due to some reasons (Network issue, Service issue, etc.) then you may need to re-try to call the services n number of times to get the transaction successful. But even after retrying n number of times, the service is not reachable, so you can either continue the flow or terminate depending on business requirements.

The same, requirement you can have while you are building an Oracle Integration. So to meet this requirement, you need to build the re-try logic as Oracle Integration doesn’t give this feature out of the box.

You can leverage the while action to build the re-try logic as shown in the following screenshot.

To meet this requirement, I have captured a short video, that will help you to achieve the same. Look at the complete video, to understand how to build a retry logic in Oracle Integration.


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