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Convert string date from one format to another in Oracle Integration

A frequent requirement of Oracle Integration is to convert the string date from one format to another and folks are really struggling to get this done in Oracle Integration so here we are that will help you to convert the string date format.

Though Oracle Integration has an inbuilt function format-dateTime that can be used to convert date format but that function requires the ISO date format as an input parameter. You can look at another article that will help you to know how this inbuilt function works. But there are various use-cases where you are getting the date format in the string then in this case the inbuilt function fails to convert.

So, to solve this, we have to write a custom function in Javascript that will help in achieving the same.


Consider, that we are trying to integrate two applications (app-1 and app-2). The app-1 has the string date format MM/DD/YYYY (12/01/2021)) but we need to send this date to app-2 in the DD-MMM-YYYY (01-Dec-2021).


The solution to this problem is to

  • Write the custom JavaScript function that will accept the source date, will convert it into the target format, and return the same
  • Create a Library in Oracle Integration, upload the custom JavaScript function, and call it in the Integration where you need to change the date format.

You can look at my video to know how to create a Library in Oracle Integration and call it in Integration.

To solve the date format conversion, I have captured a nice video that will help you to know all the steps required to convert the string date format. Click on the following video to watch:

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