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Convert HTTP GET to POST in OSB REST service

This is very important and useful blog for all who has developed OSB REST API using HTTP GET verb and quickly want to convert into HTTP POST verb. That change…

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Oracle Service Bus : Insert operation using Database Adapter

In the previous article, I have demonstrated how to perform select operation on the database using DB adapter. Now it’s time to perform insert operation on the database. It’s required…

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OSB 12c step by step installation

In the series of blogs, we are gonna to look step by step instructions on how to setup OSB 12c on the linux/unix machine  There are some prerequisites that you…

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OSB Domain Creation

This blog provides instructions of how to configure a OSB domain by using the configuration wizard. 1) To begin the domain configuration, navigate to the ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin directory and start the WebLogic…

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OSB Schema Creation Using Repository Creation Utility (RCU)

This blog describes how to create schemas that is mandatory to run Oracle Service Bus successfully. We can use Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create the necessary schemas.  The RCU or…

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Oracle Server Bus installation

This blog provides instructions for installing and running the Oracle installer for Oracle Service Bus 12.1.3. Oracle Service Bus 12.1.3 supports Oracle JDK 1.7.0_55+ version. Oracle JDK can be downloaded…

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OSB Interview Questions

  1) What is Oracle Service Bus and Key features ?   2) What is difference between Oracle SOA Suite and OSB ?   3) What is Business Service ?…

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What is difference between Oracle SOA Suite and OSB

OSB is an ‘A proven, lightweight integration Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) specifically designed for the task of integrating, virtualizing, and managing services in a shared services infrastructure, Oracle Service Bus allows…

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OSB 12c: JMS integration with OSB : Pull message from JMS Queue

In my previous blog, i have demonstrated how to send message in the JMS queue using the OSB JMS adapter.  Now, we are gonna to extend this blog and show…

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OSB 12c: JMS integration with OSB : Push message to JMS Queue

JMS Adapter (also known as Oracle JCA Adapter for JMS) is a component available with Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Service Bus (OSB) which provides a very powerful way to…

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