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Oracle Integration Message Packs and Pricing

Oracle Integration Message Packs and Pricing

Oracle Integration billing depends on the Message Pack you provide while provisioning the Oracle Integration instance. The minimum Message Pack for Oracle Integration is one. The maximum number of Message Pack depends on the License Type you choose while creating the Oracle Integration instance.

Oracle Integration offers two types of licenses you need to choose from and accordingly set the maximum number of message packs. The following figure shows the type of license and max threshold.

Oracle Integration license and max threshold

Pricing is based on the number of Message Pack/hour as shown in the following figure:

Oracle Integration pricing

Refer to the document for the latest pricing https://www.oracle.com/in/cloud/price-list.html

Few pricing examples are given as per the following tables:

  Days Standard Standard – BYOL Enterprise Enterprise – BYOL
Unit Price   0.6452 0.3226 1.2903 0.3226
1 Message Pack 1 15.4848 7.7424 30.9672 7.7424
1 Message Pack 31 480.0288 240.0144 959.9832 240.0144
2 Message Packs 1 30.9696 15.4848 61.9344 15.4848
2 Message Packs 31 960.0576 480.0288 1919.9664 480.0288
Oracle Integration pricing table example

The following figure shows how many messages are consumed respectively of the different features of Oracle Integration:

Messages consumption

Refer to the below video to know how messages are calculated during runtime. In this video, all integration scenarios are captured with various examples.


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