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OCI API GW & JWT to call OIC with/without Credentials - Part II

To invoke any Integration created in OIC, we need to pass the credentials i.e., Username/Password. Most of the time these Integrations which we develop are to be triggered by External…

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Leveraging OCI Functions to invoke OIC Integrations

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to Leverage OCI Functions to invoke OIC Integrations. Following is the sample architecture, how to use OCI Functions to call Oracle Integrations. Pre-Requisites Access…

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Adding dependent LOV parameters in BIP Report

In this article, I’ll demonstrate adding dependent List of Values (LOV) Parameters to the BIP report and the steps involved in it. Sometimes end users request for dropdown values of…

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Service Connection in Oracle Visual Builder

In this article, we are going to discuss what is Service Connection in Oracle Visual builder (VB), and the steps to create Service Connection. What is service Connection? To access…

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Convert string date from one format to another in Oracle Integration

A frequent requirement of Oracle Integration is to convert the string date from one format to another and folks are really struggling to get this done in Oracle Integration so…

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Push records in batches to target service in Oracle Integration

There are various situations where you need to push records in batches to the target service due to the target service limitation. Considering we need to develop the integration in…

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Migrate Oracle Integrations with Security artifacts

Till now, In our blogs, we have covered how to migrate integrations using .iar files and packages, But in these two methods, the security artifacts will not be migrated. If…

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Cascading List Of Values (LOV) in Oracle APEX

A cascading List of Values (LOV) means that the values of one list should be refreshed if the value of one list on this page gets changed. For example value…

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How to create an Oracle APEX service

If you wanted to work upon Oracle APEX, you must have an Oracle APEX service in hand to start with. So, in this article, I’ll help you to create your…

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Oracle APEX Interactive Grid with CRUD operation

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-level code development platform that allows us to build interactive web applications in a very short time. An interactive grid presents users with a…

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